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Anebon was founded in 2010. Our team is specialized in the design, production and sales of the hardware industry. And we have passed ISO 9001:2015 certification.

We have advanced, efficient and high standard machines from Japan, including various CNC milling and turning machines, surface grinder, internal and plain grinder, WEDM—HS / LS, large laser cutting machine ect. And we also have the most advanced testing equipment (CMM 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine, CCD optical detector detection etc.) Parts with tolerances up to ±0.002mm can be supported.

More than 10 years of Precision Engineering Experience:

High flexibility is our advantage, lean manufacture is our principle, satisfy customers is our pursuit, achieve win-win situation is our goal. After years of development, Anebon Metal has occupied favorable market in various industries for high end precision metal parts supporting, like Auto Industry, Medical Equipment, Petrochemical Equipment, Construction Machinery, Aviation Equipment, Industrial Connector and Communications Equipment. Meanwhile, we actively cooperate with the customer's R & D, and assist for further improvement, in order to ensure the customer's profit.


During all the manufacturing processes, Anebon Metal focus on the quality, we care for customers' requirements and the product special characteristics. We will set up the control plan accordingly and implement it in the processes. Normally we utilize quality tools: APQP, CP, MSA, SPC, CPK, PPAP, KAIZEN & PDCA. 


Professional Team Rich Experience

Focus on CNC Machining aluminum alloy parts batch processing, hardware parts Machined for more than 10 years.Our senior engineers have gotten experience in large-scale projects at home and abroad, fast response speed.

Perfect Quality

Strictly control CNC machining, select reasonable production equipment for different metal parts processing. Advanced testing equipment can ensure the accuracy of CNC machined products and confirm the goods is fine before the shipment.

Quick Service To Solve Problems

Have the ability to process difficult hardware parts in batches, and successfully complete a number of high-precision technical projects, including robotic parts, auto parts, etc. Ensuring the precision and quality of the machining of complex parts. Professional product customer service personnel assist customers in choosing products suitable for their machinery.

High quality, Low Price

You can enjoy the lowest CNC machining price under the same quality, and the stable order quantity ensures that we can control the cost to the lowest. A mature supply chain system allows customers to achieve low-cost purchases, and a professional technical team can control the optimal machining procedures and no waste of materials.

On-time Delivery

Estimating the most accurate delivery date for you so that your products can seize the market! Strong independent production process and fast transportation will save you time. Rejecting the occurrence of an order delay, a promise is the embodiment of our value.

Quick Feedback

We can provide quotation within 6 hours at the fastest, professional skill, reasonable process, and standard form. All questions will be answered within 24 hours.



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